Three Color Pad Printing Machine

Pad printer is widely applied in many industries including toys, plastic, electronic, glass, metal, electrical appliances, ceramics, die-casting products, optical, sporting goods, stationery, etc. For example, rulers, pens, golf balls, ping-pong, eyes of doll, cap of bottle, watches, cameras, ceramic, pharmaceutical and medical equipment, rackets, tapes, electronic components, IC, CPU, DRAM, keyboard, mouse, cell phone shell, decorative signs, etc.


No. Colours 3
Cycle speed Up to 1,200 pph
Drive Electro-pneumatic
Independent pads Yes
Cliché dimension 100 x 210mm or 150 x 300mm
Closed sealed cup dimension 90mm or 130 mm
Maximum printing area Ø 75mm or Ø 115mm
Horizontal pad stroke 125mm
Vertical pad stroke 80mm
Maximum printing pressure 1800 N
Electrical power supply 220V / 110V
Input 30VA
Pneumatic power supply 6 bar
Air consumption 4.9 litres / cycle
Weight 584 lbs / 265 kg